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Filing Storm Claims

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Policyholders affected by recent storm events

Minnesota and the surrounding area experienced unprecedented storms the weeks of May 8th - 13th and May 28th - 31st, which included widespread wind, hail, and tornado loss to automobiles, dwellings, farm buildings, and personal property. If you have experienced damage to your auto, home, or farm property, we want to help you file a property claim promptly. Please contact your agent immediately or register and file a claim on RAM's website. It is important to act quickly and gather the necessary information in order to expedite the process and ensure your claim is resolved as soon as possible.

What to do after the storm

If it is possible to do so safely, please take photos and compile a list of damaged items or buildings, as this may assist the claim representative and help substantiate your losses. Also, please take action to protect your damaged property from further damage as soon as it is practical. This would include taking steps to prevent additional damage, such as placing a tarp over a hole in your roof or boarding up a broken window. If you purchase items for this purpose, keep receipts so they can be reviewed and included as part of your claim.

You can file, access, and monitor your claim status by registering on our website under RAM's Policyholder Login.

Our RAM adjusters are working diligently, but with the widespread damage across the region, it is impacting their contact timelines. Rest assured we will work to adjust your claim as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

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