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Find an agency and quote with RAM today!

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RAM is the primary provider of reinsurance for Minnesota township mutuals and offers a very flexible and comprehensive program to protect our member township mutuals financial results. Our reinsurance program includes coverage for single losses, multiple losses resulting from the same catastrophic event and excessive losses sustained during a given calendar year.

Features of RAM's reinsurance program are:

  • Up to $3,200,000 of treaty capacity per loss occurrence to a single risk.
  • Aggregate loss protection with attachment points formulated to protect surplus.
  • Access to our pro-rata ceding facility for large risks.
  • Catastrophic protection.
  • Subrogation recoveries are shared with our members on a pro-rata basis.
  • Optional billing plans.

RAM also provides our members with access to our member services department for loss prevention, loss investigations, inspections and consulting on difficult losses. RAM provides these services to our members at no additional cost. Services offered through this department include:

  • Cause and origin investigation
  • Arson and fraud investigation
  • Claims consultation
  • Subrogation assistance
  • Assistance in hiring and training new inspectors
  • Ongoing training for experienced inspectors
  • Fire testing of construction materials
  • Annual inspectors school for new and existing inspectors
  • Mutual reward program to assist in apprehending individuals responsible for losses
  • Publications designed to prevent fire losses
  • Underwriting alerts identifying faulty or dangerous products
  • Mutual Inspectors Association (MIA) to keep our members' loss control personnel informed of industry issues

In addition, RAM's staff are also members of the International Association of Arson Investigators, the National Fire Protection Association and Insurance Loss Control Association.